Conil con los Alemanes :D


Hey guys its been a while but I am totally stressed out as my exam period has started

However I did a short break out of the learn trip to Conil with the German people over here in Cadiz.

Last Friday right after my exam we went to Conil for one day it was kind of a birthday present for one of us – Heiko- !

It was a bit chaotic from the beginning; Chris who booked everything was not there when we were in the Bus he was celebrating as every Thursday in the night life of Cadiz and missed it. On the last minute already not anymore at the station he jumped in the Bus 

When we arrived in Conil we first wen t to the supermarket to buy food and drinks for the planned BBQ! This was crazy I felt like I was buying food for a really big Family! With around 100€ less in the wallet  we finally got in to the cap (after a discussion with the cab drives).

On the way we realized that our apartment was not really in the city and around 10km away from the city center. When we arrived at the apartment the owner was not there – Chris decided to jump over the fance and open the door for us while we still trying to reach the owner.

Well a pool was there it was hot and we had our bathing suites right in front of us so it meant..

 1, 2 and Jump

Still we were not able to reach the owner and were not able to get into our apartment till I had a brilliant idea to go upstairs and look if its open – To our surprise the key was in the look and we could go in to the apartment  

Now it was time to arrange everything for the night BBQ was on fire and the drinks were cold.. I will not go in to detail now how the party was but it was great and we had a lot of fun 

On the next day all of us checked out with a hangover… we took the bus back to cadiz which was a crazy ride ! Finally we arrived Cadiz with a delay of 45 minutes  - but this is spain 

4 Girls on the Road


My last journey was to Portugal. Me and 3 friends rented a car and went to Portugal, as it’s not really far from here around 4 hours.

The trip started early in the morning.. We took the train at 7am in the morning –I can tell you that was way too early for us Erasmus girls ^^

We had to pick up the car at the airport of Jerez. After we arranged everything with the insurance etc.

We started our Road trip, and this of course with loud music 

Our first stop was Lagos. The hostel we stayed in was a familiar one. It was a small Villa and we had a really nice room – the bathroom was the highlight sooooo big! Never seen that before. We had a small pool and actually the first thing we did was ordering sangria and relaxed at the Pool!

It was finally time for  HOLIDAYS !!

At the evening we discovered a bit the city and had a really nice dinner cooked by the owner of the Hostel! At the next morning after a really delicious breakfast we went to the Ponta da Piedade!  The view was amazing!

Than we were driving to our next stop: Albuferia!

There we stayed in Apartment with Kitchen. It was also really nice but actually the opposite of the one in Lagos. Very touristic and somehow luxuries, but hey we cannot complain 

We checked in and here also the first thing was going to relax at the pool. I know it might seem stupid not to go to the beach. But we have the beach right in front of the door in Cádiz and we were kind of happy not having the sand everywhere

In Albuferia we stayed for two days. We checked out the city, went to the beach cooked and of course also went out.

In Albuferia there is one big Party road – which reminded me a bit of the Reeperbahn in Hamburg.

After two days it was time to say ADIOS Portugal and BIENVENIDO España.

On our way back we did a stop in Valencia were Carolina was rescuing a baby bird which was falling out of his nest from a Cat!

All in all I can say that the trip was pretty nice and thank you for it Chicas!

Mamita en Cádiz


Just 5 days later I received the next visitors – MAMITA  and Emanuel

They stayed here for 9 days! So we had quite a long time together (They just flied back today).

As I have 4 exams this week, they also did a lot of things together. My mom rented a car at the airport of Jerez which was really handy as we also did some city trips.

One day trip for example was to the coast: We were driving up the west coast (San lucar, Rota, Chipiona and Sanlucar). 

And our last trip was Saturday to Sevilla were it was really hot, as there is no sea and it’s in the middle of the city in the shadow we had round about 27 C but in the sun it was 35 – 40 C – it was freaking hot.

We decided to take the "hop on hop of bus" - as it brings you to every touristic place and you are really flexible- it was a good decision!

Just one tip if you are going by car to Sevilla – plan time for finding a parking spot this is not as easy!


Meanwhile I was studying for my exams – Emanuel and my mom did a trip to Gibraltar and to national park.

However we also did a lot of things like, visiting the tower of Cadiz from where you have an amazing view of the city, eating a lot of tapas and drinking Tinto,

of course going to the beach ( as we had really good weather ) and visiting a real authentic Flamenco show !


Thanks mom for the amazing time! <3

Bela in Cádiz


The next event was right in front of the door! When Bela and I came back from our weekend in Madrid the “Semana Santa” Easter celebration already started!

It was really impressive I have to say. Every day there were carrying the figures and were showing with that the history of Jesus.


The next days were Bela were here we had a really tuff program 

We went to the beach, did a lot of walking through the city of Cadiz, went surfing, watched the sunset and and and…


On the last days of Belas visist, we also were invited from a friend to watch the “grand finale” of the Semana Santa in his town called “sanlucar de barrameda” we stayed there over night with couple of friends from Cádiz. 

There we also tried our first real calamairs and had a really good time. 

Surprise weekend in Madrid


Bela came at the end of April to visits me. As he was landing in Madrid I surprised him at the airport and a long weekend in Madrid. - I can tell you, he was f****** surprised! I missed to take a picture of his face!

In comparison to Cádiz this city is huge! I booked a hostel in advance which was really central, for those of you who know Madrid our hostel was 2 min. from the "Gran via".


We were doing the typical tourists stuff from eating tradiconal Spanish tapas to drinking cocktail’s and visiting the touristic sites. All in all we had a wonderful time in Madrid.

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